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Benefits of Air Scrubbers

Control VOCs and Odors

VOCs, volatile organic compounds, are gases/odors in the air. The smell of the fertilizer you use or the scent of the cannabis itself makeup VOCs and while these odors are more annoying than harmful VOCs from fungicides and insecticides can be dangerous. The only foolproof way to element VOCs and control odors is through air filtration.

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Prevent Insects

Growers may not realize that spider mites, whiteflies, fungus gnats, and other pests make their way through ventilation systems and into grow rooms where they begin damaging and destroying plants.

Air cleaners are used to constantly produce air exchanges, the air goes in, the particulate is captured, and clean air is released and recirculated. Air is constantly moving to prevent the possibility for insects to breed or live comfortably.

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Restrict Bacteria

Airborne bacteria is commonly misdiagnosed as a nutrient deficiency in plants but may appear in symptoms such as spots on the leaves, overgrowths, speckles, scabs, cankers, blights, wilting, or galls. Getting rid of bacteria before it has the opportunity to reach plants is the best way of defense.

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Ward Off Fungus and Mold

Powdery mildew and botrytis are just two examples of damaging fungus that is transmitted through the air. When these type of molds or fungus show up, they quickly cause issues and can even destroy an entire crop. Air scrubbers have the ability to remove 99.97% of particulate down to 0.3 submicron which is invisible to the naked eye ensuring plants are mold and fungus free.

Maintaining superior air quality is important for the growing conditions of cannabis plants and preventing unwanted issues.

Protect your grow space.