How Clean Is Your Grow Room Air?

Even the most experienced grower may be overlooking one of the most important elements of grow room cleanliness.

Did you know that on average, the human eye can't see particles that are smaller than 50 to 60 microns? The size of most grow room contaminates are 1 micron or larger.

Growers put a lot of energy into fine-tuning each aspect of their growing space to ensure the highest possible performance. Room temperature & humidity play large roles in the outcome of a harvest but what about air quality?

Bacteria, pollen, powdery mildew, & mold are introduced to indoor grow rooms through the air.

While carbon filters are excellent for odor control, they don't effectively capture small airborne contaminants that can damage & destroy entire crops. Because of this, air quality ends up being the most overlooked detail in a grow room & is simultaneously responsible for the highest number of total loss crops.

As the cannabis industry continues to advance so does growing knowledge & many serious cultivators are investing in grow room air filtration to ensure they're producing only top-of-the-line product.

CleanLeaf air scrubbers hanging in a commercial grow facility.
CleanLeaf air filtration system.

How Do Grow Room Air Cleaners Work?

1. A pre-filter catches large particulate to increase the lifetime of secondary filters.

2. The bag filter captures mold, powdery mildew, dust, pollen, & other contaminants.

3. Optional HEPA filter catches 99.97% at .3 micron to provide the ultimate in clean air filtration.

4. Optional carbon filter generate an airflow pattern to circulate air through hundreds of pounds of carbon removing all odors.

5. The blower motor produces a high level of CFM & creates an air pattern in the room to ensure the air is properly circulated.

The initial cost of an air cleaning system can range anywhere between $400 & $4000 based on the measurements of the grow facility & the grower's main concerns.

While there's no doubt that an air filtration system is a large investment, its one that has proven to continuously pay for itself through years of plant protection.

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