How Many Grow Room Air Cleaners Do I Need?

Maintaining the air quality in your grow room is key to achieving excellent growing conditions. Cultivators who are serious about the quality of their end-product want the strongest defense against airborne threats and bacteria - which is why they implement grow room air cleaners.

Grow room air filtration systems work in tandem to create a pattern of air exchanges that generate optimal circular airflow. By strategically placing air filtration systems in your grow room, you can avoid stale pockets of air, control VOCs and odors, prevent insects and pests, restrict bacteria, and ward off fungus and mold.

It's important to install the right amount of grow room air cleaners to ensure that the CFM (cubic feet per minute) requirements are met. The CFM required will vary based on your application and the size of your grow space.

To determine how many air cleaners needed to handle your grow room's CFM, use the following steps:

CleanLeaf grow room air cleaner shown installed in a grow facility.
CleanLeaf 2500D Clean Room Series grow room air filtration system.
CleanLeaf 2500D CF Smoke Series grow room air filtration system.
CleanLeaf 2500D HEPA air filtration system for grow rooms.

What Grow Room Series Is Right for You?

CleanLeaf grow room air filtration systems are broken down into four different series to accommodate almost any application! The grow room air cleaners in each series are available in various sizes and filter configurations.

THE ALL-INCLUSIVE SERIES: Control mold, mildew & odors with up to 112 lbs of activated carbon & a 95% D.O.P. — HEPA test efficient filter.

THE ODOR SERIES: Control odors from even the most potent plants with up to 112 lbs of activated carbon.

THE CLEAN ROOM SERIES: Protect crops from mold & mildew with high-capacity HEPA filters.

THE SMOKE SERIES: Capture smoke & particulate in vape shops and smoking lounges.

THE PORTABLE SERIES: Draw in contaminated air from 360 degrees in spaces up to 400 square feet.

Matching a Grow Room Air Cleaner to the Volume of Your Space

Calculate the size of your grow room(s)

A. You can determine the size of your grow room by multiplying the length by the width by the height of the ceiling.
Use this calculation: L x W x H = Area of Grow Room

This example is based on CleanLeaf grow room air cleaners. Our units exchange the air in a grow room 8x per hour!
CFM= Area of Grow Room (L x W x H) x Air Changes per Hour / 60 mins

Example: 30 X 20 X 20 = 12,000 Area of Grow Room
12,000 Area of Grow Room x 8 CleanLeaf air changes per hour = 96,000
96,000 / 60 mins. = 1,600 CFM

The grow room air cleaners in each CleanLeaf Series range between 400 and 2,100 CFM. There are multiple solutions available for a grow space of this size and smaller or larger.

For a specific recommendation based on the size of your grow space, get in touch with us! Our team can help you determine what series is best for your application and how many grow room air cleaners you'll need.

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