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Why CLEANLEAF™ Air Filtration Systems?

CleanLeaf Grow Room Air Scrubber
  • > Powerful Filtration
  • > Easy Installation
  • > Inexpensive Maintenance
  • > Low Power Consumption
  • > Modular & Customizable

30+ Years of Air Filtration Experience

Introducing CleanLeaf Air Cleaners for Grow Rooms and Green Houses! Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc. has been in the air cleaning business since 1979. Getting their start selling Smokeeter units for tobacco smoke removal applications in bars, bingo halls, bowling alleys and cigar bars, ACS has grown into a leader in air filtration solutions for all applications with their Blue Ox brand of air cleaners. Noticing an upward trend in the number of grow room requests, ACS developed a fresh line of air filtration systems made specifically to meet the needs of growers.

Our Customers Include:

CleanLeaf air filtration system hanging in grow room.

See How RI's Finest Gardens Is Using CleanLeaf Air Cleaners

RI's Finest Gardens is working with CleanLeaf Air Cleaners to ensure the overall quality of the plants. RI's Finest is using five CleanLeaf CL1100-CF units for 3 grow rooms. Two each in the two larger rooms, and one unit in the third smaller grow room. The CleanLeaf CL1100-CF will prevent plant mildew, purify the air, and help control the plant odors.

Tour the CL3000-CF-PCO

The CleanLeaf CL3000 series was engineered to capture the various airborne threats to large indoor grow facilities. Mold and fungi spores, bacteria, pollen, pest insects, VOCs and odors are all captured through a series of industry proven filtration technologies. Housed in a 16-gauge Cold-Rolled steel cabinet and finished with a light reflective white Polyurethane Powder Coating, each unit is self-contained for use individually or in groups. All units come with a standard 3 year warranty included on all parts excluding filters.

  1. MERV 8 Pleated Pre-filter x2 SKU: BOF-4404
  2. 95% Pocket Bag Filter x2 SKU: BOF-4415912
  3. 10lb. Carbon After-filter x2 SKU: BOF-4402-CF
  4. Photocatalytic Oxidizers (PCO) x2 SKU: CLP-PCO
  5. Blower 2,600 Actual CFM
Find a CleanLeaf to Fit Your Needs

GrowTube Roundtable

CleanLeaf was recently featured on GrowTube Roundtable to discuss the benefits of air filtration systems within grow rooms. GrowTube Roundtable airs every Friday night at 7 pm PST and is hosted by Crazy Dago along with a dynamic panel of professional growers who share information to help better the grow community. Check out our Clean Air and Cannabis episode and visit for upcoming shows and events.

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