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True HEPA after-filter

1. Carbon Air Filters

Activated carbon filtration systems have been proven to be an effective way to reduce cannabis malodors for indoor cannabis facilities.

Generally speaking, growers use a carbon can filter with a mounted inline fan to control odors. The issue with can filters is that the pores in the carbon filter fill up so quickly with dust and the other particulate that growers have to frequently (every 2-3 months) change the filters to ensure odors don't escape.

However, there are grow room air filtration systems that are equipped with a HEPA pre-filter and a shortened bag filter to make room for more activated carbon (up to 80lbs).

HEPA pre-filters remove 99.97% of particulate down to .3 micron meaning they catch all of the particulate and dust before it reaches the carbon filter resulting in maximum odor control for a longer period of time.

It is suggested that these units run 24 hours a day and growers can expect to change filters every 6 months - 1 year giving them 50% more filter life when compared to carbon can filters.

3. Odor Neutralizers

Used widely by home growers, odor neutralizers cover a complete range of products to cover up smells without actually getting rid of them.

An odor neutralizer can fall in the range of cheap air fresheners to oils or gels. They aren't used in the actual growing area because of the effects they will have on the cannabis and are placed in boarding/living areas (which is why they are common to home growers).