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Carbon is still the most efficient way of mitigating odors and VOC's.

If you are exhausting air out of your room at any time, we still recommend doing so through a Can style filter.

Since the air has to make its way to the units to be filtered, there is always a chance that it can still get to the plants. However, our units will reduce your chances of contamination by up to 95%.

The size and quantity of units required depend on the length, width and height of the room they are being placed in. Please call us at (866) 455-2135 for accurate sizing.

- Most common grow room contaminates are 1 micron or larger

- HEPA filters will capture 99.97% of particulate down to 0.3 micron

- Bag filters will capture 95% of particulate down to 1 micron

- If odor is your #1 concern, our CF-series carbon units will handle light odor
- Our CFP-series takes care of heavy odor control
- If odor is not a concern, our HE-series HEPA units are the ultimate in filtration down to 0.3 micron

Please call (866) 455-2135 for assistance

They can be hung from the ceiling with eye bolts and chain, or hung from the wall with L-brackets.

In normal grow room environments:

- Pre-filters will last up to 3 months
- Bag filters will last up to 6 months
- Carbon will last up to a year
- HEPA filters will last up to 4 years

We have optional Magnehelic gauges available that will tell you when it's time to change your filters. Simply take note of the initial reading on the gauge with all filters installed, once the pressure increases by 1", it’s time to change your filters.

All units run on 115v and come with a standard cord and plug. For added convenience, each unit can be hard wired to an on/off wall mounted switch by an Electrician.

We recommend running the units 24/7.

Yes, our CL1100 units have full variable speed control and our CL2500 and CL3000 have high or low controls.

While carbon filters are excellent for odor control, they lack in filtration capabilities. Our units will capture Powdery mildew, mold, fungus, pollen, and other airborne contaminates from the environment.

Production times vary based on volume of orders, but most of the time we can get any unit out within 2 weeks.

While there has been some promising advancements in PCO technology, it has still not been proven that they are 100% safe. We only suggest using PCO in larger, non-sealed spaces to keep the PPM of ozone and other by products down to safe PPM levels.

Yes, our CL2500D series can be ducted with up to 3 supply and 3 return grills.