Indoor Grow Room Best Practices

As the cannabis industry continues to advance, so does the knowledge & methods used by growers.

While growing dynamics vary based on space, location, & a myriad of other elements, there are still some ground rules that any growing facility can benefit from.

We've researched the best tips, tricks, & advice the internet has to offer (for now) & compiled a list of our favorite & most useful practices.

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• Implement forced air circulation.

•Effective ventilation will stop insects from breeding.

•Utilizing efficient technology such as double-ended HPS bulbs to get more yield out of the same square footage (with fewer lights).

•Using grow room air cleaners will control odor, dust, & particulate while preventing mold spores, mildew, & fungus, & creating an efficient air flow pattern.

• Think wholly while planning the layout of a growing space. Consider different ways to maximize space & streamline workflow for maximum efficiency.

• Don’t overcrowd a room.

• Control the environment by keeping the grow room a closed space.

• If your air intake comes from outside install a commercial air filter to avoid pests & disease.

• Check for light leaks.

• Check your pH regularly.

• Don't be lazy, sweep & mop to remove contaminants regularly.

• Clear out dead leaves & other plant materials from the grow room.

Cannabis plants
Dried cannabis buds next to other jars of cannabis.

• Sanitize & deep clean in between harvests.

• Don’t let anyone walk into a grow room from directly outside (or from another grow room).

• Maintain the correct room temperature & a balanced amount of humidity.

• Label everything & stay organized.

• Schedule foliage spraying to stimulate root growth & improve node production.

• Pick up pots to feel the weight of plants before watering to avoid overwatering.

• Make room for the vegetative stage.

• Consider flushing as a part of your routine.

• Don't disregard the drying & curing stages.

• Have fun growing!

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