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RI's Finest commercial grow facility.

• Implement forced air circulation.

•Effective ventilation will stop insects from breeding.

•Utilizing efficient technology such as double-ended HPS bulbs to get more yield out of the same square footage (with fewer lights).

•Using air filtration systems will control odor, dust, and particulate while preventing mold spores, mildew, and fungus, and creating an efficient air flow pattern.

• Think wholly while planning the layout of a growing space. Consider different ways to maximize space and streamline workflow for maximum efficiency.

• Don’t overcrowd a room.

Dried cannabis buds next to other jars of cannabis.

• Sanitize and deep clean in between harvests.

• Don’t let anyone walk into a grow room from directly outside (or from another grow room).

• Maintain the correct room temperature and a balanced amount of humidity.

• Label everything and stay organized.

• Schedule foliage spraying to stimulate root growth and improve node production.

• Pick up pots to feel the weight of plants before watering to avoid overwatering.

• Make room for the vegetative stage.

• Consider flushing as a part of your routine.

• Don't disregard the drying and curing stages.

• Have fun growing!