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Cannabis Pests & Prevention


If a growing environment is not kept clean and if growers aren't cautious about what's being tracked in, insect admirers can wreak havoc and destroy an entire harvest.

CleanLeaf Lab Results


CleanLeaf was tested on a 4-week basis in a commercial growing facility against HVAC and PCO units to gauge efficiency.

Go-To Guide for HEPA in Grow Rooms


We've created this go-to guide to answer some of the most common HEPA filter in grow room questions.

Application: Grow Facility Air Purification


RI's Finest is using five CleanLeaf CL1100-CF units for 3 grow rooms. The CleanLeaf CL1100-CF prevents plant mildew, purifies the air, and helps control plant odors.

How Clean Is Your Grow Room Air?


Even the most experienced grower may be overlooking one of the most important elements of grow room cleanliness.

Grow Room Odor Control


Whether you're growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, or cannabis - indoor grow room odors are inevitable. Learn about the most economical ways to control grow room odors.

Indoor Grow Room Best Practices


We've researched the best grow tips, tricks, and advice the internet has to offer (for now) and compiled a list of our favorite and most useful practices.

How to Maintain Grow Room Air Quality


The type of grow room air scrubber you need to maintain grow room air quality will vary based on the unique demands of your growing environment.